Understanding the word ‘Plaintiff’

Understanding the word ‘Plaintiff’

On our membership form there is a place where you can check if you are interested in learning more about being a Plaintiff. The following is written to explain what that involves in order to clarify against whom that might be and what would be entailed.

First of all, as a Plaintiff you would incur no liability whatsoever. It is possible that the Defendant’s attorney would want to take your deposition, but there are no charges to you for that. As for the possibility of having to appear in Court, while that is possible, it is highly unlikely, as we have so far not had to take any of our many cases to trial, having been successful in settling them out of court. In any case, you incur no charges whatsoever.

As to whom the Defendant might be against whom you might be a Plaintiff, that could be any place where you feel that you have been discriminated against by virtue of inaccessibility problems, etc. In particular, we are engaged in the monumental task of curing inaccessibility problems with hospitals, other kinds of medical facilities, regional and national department stores and cruise ships, as well as all other places of public accommodation, including City and County Governmental buildings.

If you use or have used the services of any of the hospitals in your area you could conceivably be a Plaintiff in one of our hospital cases. In addition, you could conceivably be a Plaintiff in any hospital to which you would most likely be taken in case of a 911 call (obviously, we would hope that you would never be in need of that kind of emergency care!).

If you shop at any department store or regional or national chain store, or if you frequent fast-food stores, or if you attend movie theaters, if you stay at a hotel or motel, if you like to take cruises, etc., etc., etc., you could conceivably be a Plaintiff. The possibilities are almost endless, as unfortunately, there are so many places which are not obeying the ADA laws and which are therefore creating a variety of inaccessibility problems for lots of people!

Please let us know if, after reading this explanation, your interest could possibly have moved from “interested in learning more about being a Plaintiff” to “Yes, I am interested in BEING a Plaintiff!” Hopefully, this explanation, together with the other materials on this site, will help you to learn more about us and how we approach the matter of compliance with the ADA.

We pride ourselves on dedication to our mission combined with reasonableness! We hope to hear from you in the near future. In the meantime, thank you for your membership and your interest and support!