Form Letter for Family & Friends

This organization is committed to bringing about accessibility in the fairest and most reasonable manner possible, without putting anybody out of business or unduly burdening anyone! All they ask is that every public accommodation endeavor to comply with the ADA to the degree to which each is reasonably capable of doing so.

The goals of “Access Now©” can best be realized by its growing as large and as nationwide as possible. You can help me to help it to accomplish this by filling out and signing the enclosed. (Any donation would be appreciated–MEMBERSHIP IS OPEN TO BOTH THE ABLE-BODIED AS WELL AS THE DISABLED.)

Naturally, every worthy organization needs funds. This one operates on a very slim budget and accomplishes a great deal with it. Therefore, if you wish to make a donation, it will be happily accepted and I can assure you it will be put to very good use. (Your contributions are tax-deductible.)

However, do not consider this letter primarily as a request for money. It is chiefly a plea for increased membership from all over the country. I would therefore very much appreciate your sending a copy of this letter (or one drafted by you) to your friends and family, wherever they may be. If you would note in the appropriate space on the membership form how many of these letters and how many Newsletters (which includes a membership form and envelope) you would need, “Access Now©” will be happy to send them to you. It is of vital importance that “Access Now© be able to represent the largest membership it can possibly achieve throughout the U.S., as is explained in the enclosed Newsletter.

If you know of anyone with a disability, perhaps that person, in addition to joining, would consider learning more about becoming a Plaintiff. If so, he/she should indicate so in the appropriate space on the membership form.